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Ayurveda Training

  • YogaSource Los Gatos 16185 Los Gatos Blvd Los Gatos, CA 95032 United States (map)

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. "Ayur" translates to life and "veda" means science. Ayurveda, therefore, is the science of life designed to help us achieve mind-body-spirit balance. Ayurveda explores and helps us ask the question, "How can I be healthy and happy?" In this training, we will explore the Dosha's (the constitutions we are all born with, just in slightly varying degrees), how to set up unique daily routines to support your individual needs, and how to embody true vitality through your yoga and movement practices. We will move beyond strict and rigid rules to step into the flow of nature that you have within you. Learn the importance of intuition and self trust, how to design practices to fit your current doshic and seasonal needs, and the importance of svadhyaya (self study).

Learn to take this ancient, healing wisdom and apply a modern, realistic approach that will give you a sense of sweetly, yet radically taking charge of your body, health and life. 

Friday 1:30 - 5:30 & 7-9pm
Saturday 1:30 - 8pm 
Sunday 12:30 - 5:30pm

COST: $350 

Required Reading:

• Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda by Sahara Rose

Optional Reading:

• Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra
• Yoga & Ayurveda by Dr. David Frawley