Interested in yoga? Whether you are looking for a custom class, have a specific need or injury, or you are brand new to yoga,  one on one yoga instruction is the way to go.  Classes are held in the comfort of your home and are either one on one sessions or held in small groups. Dhi refers to your inner knowing that you will begin to tap into the more that you practice yoga. The knowledge that tells you how to take the best care of your body and empowers you to listen to your intuition. See the five "d's" of Dhi below to decide what kind of private is perfect for you.

Each session is designed to specifically cater to your desires and needs. Each new student is required to have an in person intake meeting that includes a survey to discuss why you are wanting private yoga instruction, all injuries/illnesses (past and present), a postural analysis, and discussion on how you will get the most out of your sessions. 

Brand new to yoga? Intimidated by a public class? A few sessions can help you to understand the basic poses and principles of yoga in order to set you up for success in a public class.

Want to dive deeply into a specific posture, breathing or sequence? Something you have always wanted to learn and could not quite get?  Sessions will be tailored for your needs and ability to help you deepen your understanding of whatever you desire to learn. 

Yin and restorative yoga sessions will allow to you fully unwind and de-stress.  You will receive very specific and unique exercises that will be held for an extended period of time in order to allow your tension and body to unwind. Personal attention and hands on healing will also be given, with an option to add on custom aromatherapy designed to promote what you are wanting to cultivate in your life.

Have a specific injury or limitation? Chronic ailment such as headaches or fatigue holding you back? Learn the skills you need to supplement your recovery and health to bring you body back to a state of balance and bliss. Develop the skills you need to modify certain postures, build strength and recover to create a personal power around what you once considered to be a limitation.