Massage and Wellness Services

Welcome to the idea of getting back in charge of your life. Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care ritual. Because you deserve to feel better and brighter in your own skin.

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Intuitive Bodywork

Our most popular option.  All first time clients receive an in-depth consultation so that Nikki may understand what you are truly needing. This massage is customized to fit your needs to help facilitate healing in your unique body. The modalities used may range from swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, energy work, Reiki, and muscle testing depending on your needs in that present moment. 

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Swedish/Deep Tissue

Probably the most well known form of massage in the west. Swedish style massages were developed to increase relaxation, circulation muscle tone and range of motion, while decreasing muscle tension, pain and inflammation. Swedish style can range from light to firm pressure, using long gliding stokes and kneading to allow your muscles to melt with ease. 

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This service can be added to a massage or done as a stand alone service. This massage is focused on the hands, feet, scalp and neck. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the hands and feet carry a doorway to the rest of the body. If we honor and treat those areas of the body, often times other ailments and dis-ease start to dissipate. 


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Shiatsu is based on the meridian pathways from the Traditional Chinese Medicine system. This work is typically done fully clothed with no oil or lotion. Pressure points are applied to the body along the meridian lines and in coordination with the clients breath, with the goal of creating an even flow of Chi (or energy) and to rebalance the body. 

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Chakra Reading & Energy Healing

A reading will be done at the start of this service with a pendulum in order to see how your bodies chakras (energy centers) are responding. Based on how the reading unfolds, various energy healing modalities will be used to realign and bring an even flow back into the chakras.  You may also receive advice on how to maintain balance in those chakras if it arises during the session. 

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First Visit (mandatory consultation included): 75 min: $155 90 min: $185

Follow Up Visits: 60 min: $135 80 min: $160

Add Ons:

Acupressure on feet, hands or scalp: 15 min: $15

Custom Aromatherapy: $10

Personalized Guided Relaxation or Breath Work: Add a personal element to your self care by receiving a personalized guided relaxation or breathing exercise at the end of the session 15 min: $15