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  • Vinyasa 7:30am-8:30am at Apple (Wolfe Location; Corporate)




No Public Classes


No Public Classes

This is a gentle movement-based practice that integrates flow movements, breath work, guided meditation, strengthening and balance postures, and is sealed by longer held yin and restorative asana. This class is intended to cultivate a sense of ease and stability, while reducing stress and fatigue, improving circulation and overall mobility, and creating a sense of power by learning to link body, mind, spirit, and breath through movement.

Hatha Flow                                                                                                                                                                          Hatha Flow focuses on the purposeful and graceful movement between postures. This style is more easeful, and is accessible to any level student. For advanced students wishing to deepen their practice, this is the class for you. For newer students, the tools you will learn in this class will accelerate your personal practice and your understanding of all that yoga has to offer.

Vinyasa means to link a breath to a movement. In this dynamic class, you will be challenged through rigorous flows, long held standing postures for strength, balancing postures to promote mindfulness, and dive deeply into stretches, all while focusing on primarily the breath. This class is designed to find a balance between strength and flexibility to allow the body to become vibrant.

Yoga Basics for Cancer Survivorship
This class is sponsored by Stanford Health Care. It is a free class (regardless of any Stanford Medical affiliation or not) for those currently undergoing treatment for cancer or those in remission, as well as any care givers. This basic yoga class will rebuild strength, stamina, and physical fitness through easy to learn yoga poses and sequences. The focus will be on recovery, decreasing stress and fatigue, finding joy in the body and movement, and exploring a community of support with others.

Yoga Therapeutics
This is an all levels class that is designed to promote self-mastery of the body, mind and spirit. Nikki is a certified Massage Therapist that allows her to understand the body in a deeper fashion. The class will begin with a short discussion on the specific muscles and joints that will be focused in that class, followed by a long and juicy yoga tune up ball roll out. We move onto joint mobilization and fluid movements to create healthier joints and work towards a greater mind-body connection. The class ends with longer holding stretches, guided relaxation and pranayama.

This class involves long juicy holds in stretch like poses (think pigeon!) for an extended period of time, combined with breath work and meditation. This practice is intended to create synovial fluid in the joints and to allow the body to release into the stretch naturally and only when your body is ready. This healing and therapeutic class is done primarily on the floor with the support of bolsters, blocks, sandbags, inspirational themes and hands on healing. This is a practice for your joints and overall health that will allow to fully unwind and surrender.

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